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antikvární kniha The Cambridge English course 1, 1990 antikvární kniha The Cambridge English course 1, 1990 antikvární kniha The Cambridge English course 1, 1990 antikvární kniha The Cambridge English course 1, 1990 antikvární kniha The Cambridge English course 1, 1990 antikvární kniha The Cambridge English course 1, 1990

The Cambridge English course 1, 1990

60 Kč

Název: The Cambridge English course 1
Autor: Swan, Michael
Autor: Walter, Catherine
Nakladatel: Státní pedagogické nakladatelství
ISBN: 8004550347
Rok vydání: 1990
Jazyk: anglicky
Stav: viz foto
Kategorie: Učebnice > Jazykové slovníky a učebnice
Kategorie: Cizojazyčné > Anglicky / Books in English
Kategorie: Vše za 60 Kč
Digitalizovaná tiráž: svou publikaci & A2-61-421
Počet stran 160
AA 2191 (8,79 AA sextu, 13.1 AA
l, vydání v CR
This edition of The Cambridge English Course is published by
arrangement with Cambridge University Press, The Edinburgh
11 Kes 50,00
O Cambridge University Press 1984
Státní pedagogické nakladatelství, 1990
First published 1984
Typeset by
Origination by Vyner Litho Plates Lirnited, London
The law allows a reader to make a single
books or the making of multiple copies of
extracts. Written
ISBN 80-04-25677-5
publisher in advance.
Author's acknowledgements
A book like this necessarily owes a great deal to a great many people. Our thanks to:
Alan Maley, for the splendid seminar
was an unparalleled source of information, ideas and inspiration
which he organized at the British Council, Paris, in the 1970s. T
Donn Byrne, Alan Duff, Alan Maley, Heather Murray, Penny Ur and Jane Wright, for specific ideas and exercises
which we have borrowed.
The many other people-too many to acknowledge- whose ideas have influenced our work, including all the
colleagues and students from whom we have learnt
Those institutions and teachers who were kind enough to work with the Pilot Edition of this course, and whose
comments have done so much to shape the final version. (A full list of the institutions involved is given on the
Acknowledgements page.)
Peter Roach and lan Thompson for their expert and sensible help with the phonetic transcription
John Youé, Steve Williams, Gillian Clack, Richard Child, Chris Rawlings, Clifford Webb and Diana Dobson of Youé
and Spooner Limited, our designers, for their unfailing understanding, good humour and expertise
John and Angela Eckersley, and the staff of the Eckersley School of English, Oxford, for making it possible for us to
try out parts of the book in their classrooms
Steve Dixon, Lorna Higgs, John Peake, Pat Robbins, Fran Searson, Ann Swan, Ruth Swan
Sue Ward, Adrian We
bber, and Susan Webber, for agreeing to be quizzed and questioned within earshot of our
Judy Haycox, Joanne Hayco
x. Susan Webber and Helen Walter, for invaluable domestic support during a trying
Mark, for patience and good humour beyond the call of duty.
And fi
few authors can have been so fortunate in their publishers
nally, to Adrian du Plessis, Peter Donovan, Barbara Thomas and Peter Ducker of Cambridge University Pres
60 Kč


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