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First Certificate Expert (2 svazky, Student's Resource Book, Coursebook), 2008-2009

350 Kč

Název: First Certificate Expert (2 svazky, Student's Resource Book, Coursebook)
Autor: Gower, Roger
Autor: Bell, Jan
Nakladatel: Pearson
ISBN: 1405880821
Rok vydání: 2008-2009
Jazyk: anglicky
Stav: viz foto, některé stránky vyplněné propiskou
Kategorie: Učebnice > Jazykové slovníky a učebnice
Digitalizovaná tiráž: Pearson Education Limited
Edinburgh Gate
Essex CM20 2JE
In some instances we have been unable to trace the owners of copyright material
and we would appreciate any information that would enabie us to do so.
and Associated Companies throughout the world
Photo Acknowledgements
The publisher would like to thank the following for their kind permission to
reproduce their photographs
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A company limited by guarantee no. 4016725. Panda symbol 1986 WWF World
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trademark 122r
The right of Jan Bell and Roger Gower to be identified as authors of this Work
has been asserted by them in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and
Patents Act 1988
All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a
retrieval system, or transmitted in amy form or by any means, electronic,
mechanical, photocopying, recording
permission of the Publishers.
or otherwise without the prior written
First published 2003
New Edition published 2008
Third impression 2009
ISBN-13: 978-1-4058-8082-4 (Book and CDRom pack)
Set in 10.5/13.5 Minion
Printed in China (CTPSC/03)
Authors' Acknowledgements
With grateful thanks to Heather Jones, Bernie Hayden Fran Banks, Jacqui
Robinson and Pietro Alongi for their work on the original edition; lan Wood,
Alison Ramsey and Alice Kasasian for their work on the second edition; and all
the team at Longman.
Publishers' Acknowledgements
We are
grateful to the following teachers whose input helped us to develop this
material: Claudia Martin, Monica Sanin; Rita Zeinstejer (Argentina); John
Bleasdale, Thomas Malvica, Nancy Stenson (Italy); Konrad Brzozowski,
Aleksandra Gelner (Poland); Kamalakar Sirra, Ascension Villalba Varona (Spain);
Rosita D'Lasselle (UK).
The publishers and authors would also like to thank the following for their
feedback and comments during the development of the material:
Anne Alexander, Katerina Anastasaki, David Corkill, Rolf Donald, Marek
Doskocz, Piotr Gralewski, Drew Hyde, Lucrecia Luque-Mortimer Nick Kenny,
Jacky Newbrook, Nick Shaw, Arek Tkacz.
We are grateful to the following for permission to reproduce copyright material:
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Picture Research by: Ann Thomson
The Publisher has made every effort but has been unsuccessful in locating the
copyright owners of the following images. We would be grateful for any
information that would allow us to update our records
in as
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Every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders and we apologise in
advance for any unintentional omissions. We would be pleased to insert the
appropriate acknowledgement in any subsequent edition of this publication.
Picture Research by: Ann Thomson
Illustrated by Juan Alvarez, Francis Blake, Sandy Nichols, Russ Wilms (from
Three in a Box)
Cover design by Raven Design
Designed by Jackie Hill at 320 Design Ltd
adapted from an interview with Thomas Keller by
Dave Welch.
Pearson Education Limited
Edinburgh Gate
Essex CM20 2JE
and Associated Companies throughout the world.
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G Pearson Education Limited 2008
atapration of fhe anicle
The right of Richand Mann and Nick Kenny to be identified as author
of this Work has been asserted by him in accondance with the
Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.
ataptarion of WThite-inuckie hghs
All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced,
ored in a netrieval system, or transmitted in amy fiorm or by any
means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, reoonding
42 e prior written permission of the Publishers
adaptatiom of the
or otherwise
First published 2003
Second Edition published 2008
Thind impression 2008
in some instances we have heen uname to tace tie owners afE
copyright material and we wlid appreciate anv information that
would enanie us to do su.
INSBONE: 978-1-4058-8084-8 (with key and audio CDs)
Set in 10.5/13.5 Minion
We are grateful to the foliovimg for pemmission o regmduce
copyright phonographs:
Pirinted in Malaysia, PJB CTP
Key: b-bottom;c-ntreHieftr-rigit t-o
Authors Acknowledgements
Adams Hicture lihrary i: Aiany inages Digtal Vion ib
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Wirth grateful thanks to Heather Jones, Bernie Hayden, Fran Banks,
lacqui Robinson and all the team at Longman.
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Te ane
grateful to the following for pem
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apaiogise in advance r any amintenriunall omisssumsWe woult he
pleased to inse the amoratte audlnwlestigment in any suisequent
edition of this puilication.
Illustrated bw Frandis lke Shane WiCiwan Suniy Niciois
Cover Raven Design
Designed by Roarr Design
adaptation of Seeing the light by
Second Edition lavnun bw uadke ilan 32) Dessum Ltd
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adaptation of infonmation albout Ellis Island
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