Fifty ways to improve your intercultural skills in English, 2009

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Skladem: Praha 7
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Název: Fifty ways to improve your intercultural skills in English
Autor: Dignen, Bob
Autor: Chamberlain, James R
Anotace: "The 50 ways...series" provides a range of instant ways to improve your communications skills in business. The 50 tips in these books will allow the learner to make noticeable improvement in their business English with minimum effort. With the advent of sophisticated digital telephony technologies and the pressure on business people not to travel unnecessarily for environmental reasons, the importance of one-to-one telephone calls and teleconferencing takes on a new dimension. This book helps learners prepare for that all-important telephone call. The accompanying audio CD provides listening comprehension tasks that go with the units. This innovative title applies the theory of intercultural studies to the practice of communicating in English in a business and professional context.
Nakladatel: Heinle/Cengage Learning
ISBN-10: 1902741854
ISBN-13: 9781902741857
Rok vydání: 2009
Jazyk: anglicky
Stav: viz foto
Kategorie: Učebnice > Jazykové slovníky a učebnice
Kategorie: Výprodej
Kategorie: Cizojazyčné > Anglicky / Books in English
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